Long Way

by DJ Marley Waters

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DJ MARLEY WATERS, riding off the strong current of his produced Billboard Charting hit, "2 On" by Tinashe ft Schoolboy Q; debuts his highly anticipated first single that he not only produced, but is performing as well. Let it play in your head and get stuck The #LongWay

Genesis Productions


Long Way (lyrics)

Verse 1

Fuck with my bitches the long way
K.O.D. fucking these hoes it don't cost me
I got the Jag parked outside lets get lost babe
I'll steal your girl, that's my bitch, call it larceny

Draped up and dripping
I'm swerving it
I'll be your connect
I'm serving it
Dick like Molly, Weed, and Perkasin
Bitch better act like she heard of me


Bitches give a fuck about the flex
She pop it off for a nigga with the check
(uh uh!)
If I want the pussy send a text
Pussy so good
She a fool with the head, yeah!

Fuck with my bitches the long way
The long way

Verse 2

Young rich nigga
spending money fast
I don't deposit them checks
I go cash em'
I don't go bagging no bitch
I just cast her
My life a movie bitch
Lights camera Action
Stunting all day
all of my chics, they got expensive taste
Only got foreign whips parked at the gate
My money stretch the long way

Hook ˆˆˆˆ

Verse 3

Rich, what you call it
Royal nigga, hoes treat me like I'm jerry lawyer
Leather interior in the coupe
like it's Spaulding
Get this type of money
All your hoes stay loyal
Getting money, fucking bitches in the broad day
If I fall it's a motherfucking long way
Pop the cork, let the champagne spark babe
6 figures, got the bank in my Balmain's

Snake nigga kill him for its too late
Found em' dead but the lawyer beat the case, yea
Bossed up making moves at a pace
Bust a check cop jewels for the babe

Hook ˆˆˆˆ


released 05 May 2014
Produced and Performed By Dj Marley Waters
Engineered By: Brandon Kilgour
Recorded at Poolside Ent. and Spiky Studios
Photo: Darryl Photography and Raymond Morris Photography



all rights reserved


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DJ Marley Waters Los Angeles, California

Celebrity Trapstep DJ Marley Waters is known for creating worldwide sound. Progressive, trapstep, and super bass 808's that hypnotize the listener to the beat of his drums and abstract melodies. DJ Marley Waters welcomes all to take a journey into Marley’s World. ... more

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